EU Part Funded Project Taking Shape Ahead of BREXIT

Photo Energy Works

It is great to see a project I’ve worked on over the years taking shape. The recent photo shows Hull’s Energy Works under construction.

The project has been awarded a grant of almost £20 million from the European Regional Development Fund, in recognition of the role it can play in encouraging further innovation.

On site waste processing enables a range of   material to be delivered to the site. The prepared waste is then treated in a fluidised bed gasifier to generate steam for the turbine generator. When complete in 2018 the facility will process around 250,000 tonnes of waste and generate 28MWe

The fluidised bed gasifier is classed as Advanced Conversion Technology and is subsidised under the Contract For Difference  with a strike price of £119.89 (2014 price). The subsidy is grandfathered for 15 years.


The photo shows the office building in the foreground, waste reception building, turbine building and stack. The gasifier and gas clean up structural supports can be seen in the distance. The development is on a strip of industrial land running alongside the River Hull about 1.5 miles from the city centre.

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