Hull gasification plant progress

Hull gasification plant progress

Its great to see a project I worked on taking shape. The photos were taken in September 2017. The facility is expected to be operational this year, 2018.

The plant is designed to export 25MW of electricity generated from specially prepared waste. The CV of the waste has not been published but to get a feel for the size of the plant with the published export power of 25MW it suggests that the plant is equivalent to an EFW of around 250kt processing standard MSW

Why a gasifier?

The simple answer is that this technology is subsidised by the government through the price it is guaranteed to be paid for the electricity generated, see

Over many years it has been the UK government’s view that ‘gasification and pyrolysis have the potential to deliver more efficient generation in the longer term and deliver further benefits beyond renewable electricity generation’ (DEC 2012). This view has driven the eligibility for this technology in successive Renewable Obligation Orders. This eligibility resulted in such technologies receiving above market revenue for the electricity generated. It should be noted that only the energy from the biomass content of the waste is counted for this subsidy and as such is renewable by the usual definitions.

Environmentally, there is little difference between pyrolysis, gasification and what is often referred to as conventional energy from waste (EFW). All those technologies are regulated under the same standards. Emissions to air have to be continuously monitored and must conform to the same strict emission limits.


The green structure on the foreground is the office, the air cooled condenser centre followed by the turbine building  with a distant view of the gasifier near the stack20170923_164928

Unusually for the UK the heart of the plant is outside, this is the gasifier.

20170923_165910This shows the fuel storage and prep building from the public highway. The preparation building is where recyclables are removed.  You can get a feel for the scale of the building by looking at the cars in the distance.