Professional development for internal and external consultants

You may describe yourself as a Coach, a Business Advisor, a Team Leader, a CEO, or a Service Director. What these roles have in common is their remit to improve performance by changing organisations, people and processes. Many organisations look to external consultants or their own internal consultants and advisors to steer these changes and develop new capabilities in people and processes.  But consultants need development too!

Understanding your repertoire. In two decades of designing and directing professional development programmes for those leading, facilitating and being accountable for organisation change, evidence indicates that those who understand their own repertoires can improve their practice and better serve their clients.

This is at the core of WSK development programme design – understanding and extending your own repertoire. Resource-ful Consulting gives some insight into what’s involved.

Programmes are designed collaboratively with each client to focus on strategic development needs, usually in a half-day, pre-programme workshop with representatives of the host organisation. Here is an example of a 5 Module, 11 day programme (3+2+2+2+2 days) recently completed in-house for a company in mainland Europe.

Consultant development programme module design

Consecutive modules build on emergent learning, stubborn issues, and practice needs to help programme participants address the following questions:

  • What is my role?   What type of organisation am I working in? How do I describe it so it makes sense for me and for my clients, now and in the future ?
  • How am I doing the work? What approaches, methods, tools, and techniques am I using and how did I choose them? What have I forgotten or avoided?
  • How well am I doing and how do I know? What is contracted and what is not? Who will judge?
  • Can I improve my practice? What do I need to work on?

Examples of the sorts of practice issues this approach can address include:

  • ‘We know very little about evaluation in our consulting practice and have not really thought about exits. Given what’s happening in the public sector at the moment, this is something we need to address and make part of our everyday thinking.’
  • ‘I am concerned that I bring a limited Eurocentric approach to international work. I worry that I don’t have the breadth of experience and the cultural know-how. I need to stat working in my presence more globally.’
  • ‘How do I design my own development programmes to continue to attract internal clients now that they have access to external suppliers? I need to think about how the interventions that I design can appeal to our new situation and rethink my role – maybe as broker.’

WSK designs modular programmes for 6-12 participants. Typically, these include:

  • Partners and staff of consulting firms looking to refresh their offer, change direction or accommodate a merger.
  • Groups of internal consultants (OD, HR, OE) and change leaders (directors, line managers, clinicians, and other specialists) charged with designing/ implementing organisational changes.
  • Advisers and members of professional coaching and consulting institutions who want to act rather than react to changes in their domains.

WSK also offer 1 and 2 day workshops on topics relating to the practice of consulting and change.

Costs are £250 per person per day plus any venue and agreed expenses.Workshops and programmes can be delivered in venues provided by host organisations.

Contact WSK at +44 1964 535578 to discuss whether a programme or workshop would benefit your organisation.