Keith Whittle


I’m a chartered mechanical engineer and chartered waste manager with a broad range of skills and experience in the waste management sector which has included the procurement, permitting, construction and operation of waste management facilities.

Recently my work has involved assisting Energy Works Hull with procurement of their 28MWe fluidised bed gasification plant. The plant is currently under construction with commercial operation expected in 2018.
The initial phase of the work involved detailed redrafting of the technical specification and advice on the contract structure to get the documents ready for competitive tendering. A tender assessment was then carried out on the bids received followed by advice and review of the chosen contractor’s final documents ready for contract award.
I have carried out similar work on EFW, gasification and pyrolysis plants and in-vessel composting, MBT, SRF and RDF production facilities.
I’ve built and managed waste management facilities and can provide a rigorous and logical approach to Due Diligence work for waste management contractors and banks to help steer them to more successful outcomes which, for others has sometimes not been the case.

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