Dr Susan Rosina Whittle

SRW 2018

I specialize in helping individuals and groups introduce new ways of thinking and working to address their needs and problems.

The building blocks of my approach are:

(1) find out what’s known and what isn’t known;

(2) work with concerns about changing and not changing;

(3) find ways to translate needs and aspirations into actions.



Not a mountain range but coal on the beach in Yorkshire UK.

Not a mountain range but coal on the beach in UK.

Much of my work now is with internal and external consultants, looking to improve the impact of their organisation change roles. They want to:

  • build their confidence and credibility
  • extend their know-how
  • refresh their professional identity
  • enrich their professional practice.

It can be a challenge to see ourselves in the landscape we work in.

Working one-to-one or in groups, we focus on:

(1) what you need to do to enhance your repertoire and improve your practice

(2) how to sustain your professional identity in tough working environments

(3) how to craft an authoritative presence to help you and your clients stay on task .


I have combined my consulting work with research and professional development roles at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) since 1996.

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